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Event Details

Details are:

August 27th @ 12pm -6pm extending taps by one hour this year for the ultimate VIP experience.

NEW Ultimate VIP experience - $100 with 2 hours of early taps, VIP cup, a swag bag and more to come.


Non drinker $25

General admission $50

VIP $75

Ultimate VIP $100

$50 general- time for taps 2pm-6pm same 4 hours, different time.

$75 VIP cup + extra hour of drinking taps 1pm-6pm same 5 hours, different time.

New *Ultimate VIP-$100 VIP cup, extra 2 hrs in early to drink-taps 12pm-6pm, 6 hours + swag bag and all the cool shit!!!

More Details to come as event approaches.

Venue Information

Rohner Park
9 Park St,
Fortuna, CA 95540

Organizer Information

Hops In Humboldt

P.O. Box 700
Fortuna, CA 95540

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